Posted by: Mohamed | 29/07/2011

The AR Engine

Hello everyone 😉

I’ve just uploaded the first revision of my research project, which is an Augmented Engine for mobile devices.

The project itself is developed for Android platform and tested on HTC Desire HD, and its about enhancing the integration of virtual objects (to make it looks like it is a part of the environment) by calculating sun position and color in real time, so the object will be illuminated from the same angle and get the same color tone.

The project is currently under MIT License , and hosted here as Google code project, so go and check it out ;).

Please keep in mind that this is the very first iteration of the project, and has been developed in approximately 2-3 weeks, and keep in mind I didn’t have a previous experience with Android development, so the code could (if not will) look awkward :\.

Later I will post the actual architecture which I had in mind for the AR Engine (which is in fact a part of an AR platform planned for mobile devices ). In fact I’m publishing the results and currently waiting for my paper to pass the review process. Once everything goes smooth, I will post results’ screen shots and the platform architecture.

Thanks for reading ;).

PS: Yes, I’m working on the tutorial which I promised to post, but I was quite busy in the past couple weeks, but you gonna get it for sure God willing 😉

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