Posted by: Mohamed | 03/08/2012

I’ve got my master degree! YAY :D

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to say that I’ve got my master degree on the topic: “Photo-realistic rendering of augmented objects for mobile devices”. Although it is not the best thesis in the world, but I really put a lot of hard work and thoughts in it. For those who are interested to read, you can find it here and for those who don’t want to read all these pages, you could find the research here to published on IEEE Xplore, and to be presented God willing in September at the VSMM 2012 conference in Milan ;). The results from masters thesis are the same as the ones in that paper.

The only difference is that I’ve applied the Haversine formula for measuring the distance between 2 objects on earth (already detailed in the thesis) instead of the formula mentioned in the paper, and as far as I can remember that this was the deference.

One last thing, you could find a better presentation of the results in the “results” Chapter in the thesis.

Now I can relax for a while 😀

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