Posted by: Mohamed | 07/03/2013

3D floating annotations

Regarding 3D floating annotations, I’ve had a meeting with the magnificent team here at Fraunhofer IGD, discussing representation of 3D annotations, and introducing a generalized solution for creating and positioning them in 3D space.

Moreover, filter these annotations and show them based on the user’s perspective. Using X3DOM and Javascript, I started to implement the suggested solution in the tool I was extending, to demonstrate how this solution will look to the end user when viewing the AR content.The suggested solution to positioning the 3D annotations relies on camera position at the moment of creating the annotation.

For example, if the curator clicks on a point of interest annotate it, the camera orientation and position is recorded. Afterwards, the 3D annotations are showed only when the camera is in the range where these annotations could be visible. This solution would decrease the clutter of information on user’s screen, as well as enhance user’s experience.The length of the annotation lines is adjusted automatically, such that the annotations will appear in an relatively acceptable distance from the 3D model regardless of camera distance from the model at the point of creation.The screenshots show the solution prototype.

3D floating annotations

It’s been fun working on these tasks :).

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