Posted by: Mohamed | 07/03/2013

Initial Steps…

This topic has been posted already on the VMUST – mobility blog. However, I thought it would nice to have it on my personal blog as well ;).

In Fraunhofer IGD, they are using web based technologies (X3Dom, HTML5 and WebGL) to render synthesized objects in AR applications. As a first task, I had to familiarize myself with X3DOM. And I always like learning by example, so I spent almost a week making a complete Solar System demo, including star field background (as skybox of course), with a button to show and hid the orbits.This is a simplist example possible, but it hits on several points which were useful for the upcoming tasks that I worked on:

  1. Lighting.
  2. Texturing
  3. Animation.
  4. Transformation manipulation (parenting objects to objects for Earth and moon rotations, etc…).
  5. Inlining X3DOM scenes from external files.
  6. Using Javascript to control behaviours in X3DOM scenes
X3DOM solar system

X3DOM solar system

After I finished the solar system project, I’ve recieved a new task, which I’m gonna talk about in the next blog post.

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