Posted by: Mohamed | 17/03/2013

Final update on the 3D annotation tool ;)

Hello everyone,

This is my final post detailing the last update for the 3D annotation managment system that I’ve put together.

After I rewritten the tool for placing 3D annotations and rendering them, I’ve also rewritten the algorithm for managing the rendering of 3D annotations  Now there is the ability to filter the annotations up to n-sides. The user is able to input the number of sides (0 to n), and the annotation manager takes care of filtering and organizing the rendering based on user’s position with respect to the model. The same management system works on the iPad as well.

I would like to thank Pavel and Timo at Fraunhofer for their great help and support. it’s been awesome working at Fraunhofer IGD, and I hope that I will work with the team again =D.

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